Friday, December 10, 2010

oh boy! got an old fleece blanket?

...then you can make SOCKS for everyone in your NEIGHBORHOOD! Well. At least 20 of them? Check out this post from (again) Instructables. The finished produce is a little rough, but the whole process of how to make the pattern and sew it together is super clear. I'm pretty sure this is a job for Serger Girl! The author also writes the "Heirloom Technology" column for Instructables. I think its his foot in the picture. Update: if you try this remember to run the stretchy part of the fleece width-wise - in this picture the stripes run across the stretch direction. you want the finished socks to stretch width-wise... especially if you made them a little tight to begin with. Like someone I know. I'm also considering getting a pattern so I can make these for people whose actual foot and calf might not be present. Cause who doesn't need more fleece socks! Make Paper Patterns

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